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Simply put – the best domain name for your business is your exact business name in .com. That’s why the world’s biggest companies all own their name in .com. Think – –

When it comes to a domain name, it’s extremely important what’s on each side of the dot.

Right of the dot is the extension (.com,, .org, etc). The default extension in everyone’s mind is .com. This is the best extension. If it is already taken you have to settle for the next best thing.

Left of the dot is ideally your exact business name. Hopefully your business name is a good brand in general (short, easy to spell, memorable, etc).

Say for example you’re a computer repair service and your business name is “Compucare”. If is taken – you will need to compromise left, right or both sides of the dot.

Examples of possible compromises if your .com is taken:

  • << Not too bad, but traffic will be lost to the .com.
  • << OK if you’re an Australian based business and always will be Australian based.
  • << OK but you will always be in the shadows of the brand. Customers will sometimes try to find you at,
  • << Mis-spellings create another barrier for customers to find you. They have to remember your brand plus which letters are mis-spelled.
  • << Much like the above two compromises. Stay away from hyphens.
  • << New extensions on the right side of the dot (like .blog, .horse, .whatever) create an awful barrier where most people don’t even know this is a thing yet. This might be acceptable however if the words flow well like,, etc.
  • compu-care.xyx << Very bad. Looks untrustworthy.

From this you can see the point of having the best possible domain name is to make it as easy as possible for customers to find you online. The value comes from reducing the lifetime cost of customer acquisition.

So with a better domain name:

  • Your marketing will be more effective. Your domain name is on everything including word of mouth recommendations.
  • Better conversion rates. You appear more trustworthy as people can tell compromised domain names.
  • Better click through rates. Quality domain names stand out.
  • It’s expensive to rebrand later should you upgrade. Time cost and the domain will likely cost more by that point.

The thing is, it’s not always possible to have the best domain name. It might already be in use or too expensive to acquire from the current owner.

If the domain you want is for sale, then this is a good thing. Chances are the price is negotiable. Don’t ask yourself if you can afford it. Ask yourself how you can afford it. No one ever regrets purchasing a better domain name.



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  • Domain names are appreciating in price as scarcity grows.
  • If you don’t own the .com for your brand. A little part of everyone wonders why. The top brands all own their dot com because they either got it early or they’re successful and they could afford it.
  • is fine for this Australian company. But if was available, would we want it? Absolutely. But it likely won’t available any time soon. Maybe never.
  • If you can grab your domain brand. Do it today. Before someone else does.
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Premium Doman Names


In the domain name industry, “Premium Domain Names” is a term thrown around a lot. There are even “Super Premium” and “Ultra Premium” domain names whatever that might mean. For purpose of this article we will consider premium domains to mean scarce and highly desirable domain names that fetch 5,6,7 and even 8 figure price tags. They are usually english dictionary words, involve keywords for lucrative industries or short (1-4 characters). And they are usually dot com.

The following are facets of why one should invest in the best possible domain name they can afford for their business.

Positioning and Authority

The best domain name creates a sense of instant authority. Owning the best domain name positions a company globally and for that industry as the best.


There are hundreds of factors that go into a website’s search engine ranking. Domain keywords, age and historical links are a piece of this pie and often come with premium domains. A premium domain name will make people more likely to link to your website. Click through rates increase for better domain names as there is a higher sense of trust.


Consider how much marketing has been done on the domain extension. Billions of dollars have been spent on marketing of .com domain names. After decades of people seeing .com on billboards and television makes it the assumed extension.

A domain name doesn’t just match a brand – it very much is a brand. The best domain name takes control of the mindshare of that word. When you buy your exact match domain name, you’re investing in your Brand Equity.

Length and memorability matter most with domain names. Both of these constraints make it easier for customers to find a website from advertising or with word of mouth.


When a high quality premium domain name is used, customers can feel more assured that they are dealing with a legitimate website. Spoof websites are less likely on say a 3 letter .com. Email security is increased with premium domain names with less chance of emails being lost, sent to competitors or worse.


A domain name is the cornerstone of a business. It’s like the physical store front of a store but more. When you tell someone your domain name it’s like giving a virtual business card. A business has to work really hard in terms of marketing with a bad domain name. Inversely, a business’s efforts are amplified with the best domain name.

Lesser domain names such as composite words can pigeon hole the business. Owning the more generic, shorter brand name allows the company flexibly to pivot in its business without changing the domain name.

Capital Asset

Domain names are digital assets and hold value. For example,  if your company is sold, the domain name is an asset and included in the sale. The value of the domain name assets is factored into how much the company is worth. If a company is shut down, the domain name(s) still remain and can be resold.

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