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Domain Names as Business Cards

Domain names are extremely important for businesses. A domain name is a business’s identity and location online. Without a domain name, a business is just renting space online. A domain name gives a business their own premises and voice online.

Offline – in the real world – domain names are great for advertising on physical media like billboards, signage and print. But one might not consider that a domain name is a meme. It’s like a virtual business card spread by word.

Once upon a time, at the end of a meeting business partners would often exchange business cards. But now this is almost superfluous if you have a great domain name. “Hey great chatting with you. What’s the best way to contact you?”, asks Peter. “Just reach out via”, replies Alan. No more exchanging business cards with all the phone and fax numbers. Everything is found by visiting, which Peter will likely remember later.

They are so valuable for ‘word of mouth’ endorsements. For example: “Hey Jim, who do you use for your bond cleans?” asked Mary. “I always use Dream Clean, they’re amazing. You can find them at”, replies John. After this exchange it’s highly likely that Mary is going to remember that address later because the rhyming is memorable. Or she might type it straight into her smartphone because it’s easy to spell and unambiguous.

Of course all this only works for good domain names. It doesn’t really work as well for ambiguous spelling, lengthy, hyphened and non .com extensions (with a few exceptions).


The quality of a domain name has similarities with business cards in terms of the impact and impression. With both, quality gives the impression that the business is trustworthy and serious. It’s hard to get a high quality domain name these days. One needs to be profitable and serious to acquire one. It’s unlikely a scammer in a third world country is running their scams using a single dictionary word .com.


The point of a business card is that a business can be contacted easily later via the printed contact details. People aren’t good are remembering phone numbers. This is why business cards and vanity phone numbers were invented. A great domain is memorable and can be used like a business card, doing away with printed contact details.

Advantages of a domain name over a business card

– One address. Website details can be updated. Business cards require reprinting.

– If a business card is lost, that’s probably it. Lots more effort required to get back in contact.

– Having domain name means it will probably have a website, so the business will be indexed and can be found in a Google search.

– As long as a domain is memorable you can be found anytime later. It’s much harder if the business card is lost

– Authority and legitimacy. Anyone can print a business card. Good domains are difficult to acquire and show that you are a serious business.


A good domain is easy to remember, a great domain is hard to forget.

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