Digital Commercial Land

Despite being in the information age, the common understanding of domain names is still quite low. People “kind of” know that domain names cost money. Or “all the good ones are taken”. But they rarely know that there is actually a whole domain name industry with dedicated marketplaces, podcasts, brokers, investors and even conferences. To […]

Your Digital Business Card

Domain names are extremely important for businesses. A domain name is a business’s identity and location online. Without a domain name, a business is just renting space online. A domain name gives a business their own premises and voice online. Offline – in the real world – domain names are great for advertising on physical […]

Your Best Possible Domain Name

Simply put – the best domain name for your business is your exact business name in .com. That’s why the world’s biggest companies all own their name in .com. Think – – When it comes to a domain name, it’s extremely important what’s on each side of the dot. Right of the […]

About DNC

DNC is an Australian company specialising in the buying and selling of quality domain names. DNC provide a brokerage service for domain name transactions. We can help with any extension but mostly deal in .com and We offer free advice to anyone wanting to know more about domain names. You may have a list of name options for us to look over or we can suggest industry tools we use to acquire our own names. In today's information age, domain names are digital real estate still in a land grab stage with the true value yet to be realised. Let us help you get your piece of the internet.


Domain Acquisition

We understand the domain name market and can help every step of the way. This starts from determining the best name for your budget, tracking down the owner, negotiating a fair price and finally setting up a safe transaction so that you actually receive your name.


Domain Brokerage

Domain names are intangible digital assets. We buy and sell these assets for customers facilitating smooth transactions.


Domain Portfolio

Can't think of a business name? We represent hundreds of domain names. Explore our inventory of the best names available for purchase. We can also collate a list of options.

Great support. We'll help you!

Our customer service won’t leave you alone

We understand the domain name market and will help every step of the way.

Naming Advice

If you're not already set on a name, we know what makes a good name and will find one to suit your budget.

Owner Tracking

No website, whois privacy, old/unresponsive email? In most cases we can track down the owner to negotiate a fair price.


Sellers usually have overinflated price expectations and buyers the opposite. We have an expert grasp of market values to negotiate a fair price for everyone.

Transfer of Ownership

We facilitate the ownership transfer process. This is usually a straight forward process of securing funds, transferring the name & releasing funds. However if there are complications we're there to work through them.


Commission and Pricing

Nothing to pay unless we can make a deal happen. *Prices in Australian Dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Have a look below or contact us for free advice.

Why should I use a domain name broker to acquire my domain name instead of directly contacting the current registrant myself?

For the same reason real estate agents are used for buying and selling homes. A domain broker acts as an impartial third party that works to make a deal that both parties are happy with.

A domain broker:

  • Knows market value and gives reasonable price expectations to the buyer and seller.
  • Handles not so easy to deal with parties or personality conflicts that would otherwise get in the way of a deal.
  • Maintains confidentiality of parties so that price in not impacted.
  • Takes the guess work out of the whole sales process, setting up escrow, NDAs and assisting with domain transfer.

What makes a good/bad domain name?

In general – the shorter and more concise your domain is the better. You want your domain name to be the exact match of your business name. A good name is catchy and memorable. If you have a long name then acronyms may be advantageous.

It’s about creating a path of least resistance for your customers to find you should they hear your domain on the radio, see it on a billboard or hear it from a friend.

If your domain has a hyphen (or even worse, hyphens), it makes it more difficult because customers have to remember the hyphens. The same goes for miss-spellings and difficult to spell words.

A good rule of thumb is if you’re constantly having to spell your domain name out for people then it’s probably not the best name.

Why is a domain name so important and what does it give me?

Your domain name is important for the marketing of your brand. It creates a path of least resistance for customers to find you. A great domain name is more memorable and will amplify your marketing efforts.

Giving out your domain name is like handing out your business card. At the same time it’s like your store front with some positions better than others.

A domain name is used as your website address and for custom email addresses. For example

Should I register a .com or or for my business?

If you’re an Australian business with mostly Australian customers then is best. It’s the most used and accepted extension for businesses in Australia. Also it helps with geo targeting in local search engine results. It’s also a good idea to grab the .com if it’s available.

If you’re doing business internationally or in the US, then .com is best. But if it’s not available, it can cost 10 times as much as to purchase off of someone.

The extension is for Australian businesses that can’t get the They are easy to find available or acquire. They will do the job but you run the risk of customers going to the version of your website.

How much does a domain cost me after I purchase it?

After you purchase a domain name from someone there is just a small annual fee to keep it. It is around $10-$20 per year for .com and It varies depending on your domain registrar (like GoDaddy, Uniregistry, etc) but there’s no reason why you should be paying significantly more than that.

Your domain name is a digital capital asset for your business. It’s extremely important to keep your credit card and contact details up to date at the registrar. Otherwise you risk the domain name expiring without you knowing.