Domain Names Are Our Superpower

Most people don't realise that there is an actual Domain Name Industry. It's much like the real estate industry but in digital form. A single word .com is like a large empty block in the middle of the city. It's potential is massive. This commercial real estate usually ends up with someone who can build a sky scraper upon it.

Every day DNC live and breathe domain names. We study what domain names sell for in wholesale and retail settings. We understand all the marketplaces and the technicalities of configuring and transferring domains. Combined with perseverance and passion, DNC are who you want for domain name brokerage and advice.


We educate buyers and sellers about the true value of domain names

Domain names are not vanity plates. Domain names are not just a URL. Domain names do matter. A great domain name will amplify a company's marketing efforts. You need your .com because domains are:

  • Digital Commercial Real Estate
  • Digital Business Cards
  • Authority via ownership of your Brand & Identity Online


What Clients Have Said

We aim to make every client our #1 fan.

Domain Name Services

Assisting Clients With Their Most Important Digital Asset

  • Domain Acquisitions

  • Premium Domain Sales

  • Domain Selection

  • Domain Management

Acquire Your Domain Name(s)

We understand the domain name market and can help every step of the way. This starts from determining the best name for your budget, tracking down the owner, negotiating a fair price and finally setting up a safe transaction so that you actually receive your name.

  • No Name No Fee
  • Privacy - Remain Anonymous

Premium Domain Sales

Think you have an amazing domain name? Contact us and we can advise the best way to put it to market. We sometimes also purchase domain names from owners looking to liquidate.

  • Exclusive Domain Brokerage
  • Wholesale Liquidation

Domain Selection

If you're not already decided on a name, we know what makes a good name and will find one to suit your budget.

  • Naming Advice
  • Expert Brandable and Aftermarket Knowledge
  • Domain Search Tools

Domain Management

DNC have a wholesale domain name registrar account and private DNS servers. If you have a large number of valuable domain names we can manage your names for you.

  • We don't let domains expire.
  • Bulk DNS configuration.

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Asked Questions

Please contact us with any queries.

  • Q.How can someone sell my domain? Isn't that called cyber squatting?

    Domain names are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. This is the way it needs to work since there are so many businesses with similar names. This scarcity has created a market where people can buy and sell these assets. Cyber squatting however, is registering a domain with bad faith intent to profit from the goodwill of a trademark belonging to someone else. If a domain was registered before the mark was registered or known about, it isn't cybersquatting.

  • Q.Why should I use a domain broker?

    For the same reason real estate agents are used for buying and selling homes. A domain broker acts as an impartial third party that works to make a deal that both parties are happy with. A domain broker: Knows market value and gives reasonable price expectations to the buyer and seller. Handles not so easy to deal with parties or personality conflicts that would otherwise get in the way of a deal. Maintains confidentiality of parties so that price in not impacted. Takes the guess work out of the whole sales process, setting up escrow, NDAs and assisting with the domain transfer.

  • Q.How does Your Pricing Work?

    We have a 15% brokerage fee with a minimum fee of $500 AUD (including GST if applicable).